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Colin Forrest

Colin Forrest is the CEO of SRT Investments Ltd., a successful real estate investment company, and recently became a certified Legacy Real Estate Investment Advisor (LREIA). He is also a Sales Director/Consultant for Astrom Aviation and an active international airline pilot, all while remaining a loving and devoted family man. He has always had a passion for flying but discovered his interest in real estate during his 10+ years living in Asia when he purchased his first property in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. Although he also invested in Hong Kong and Thailand, it wasn’t until he returned to Canada with his wife and twin boys in 2009 that he began truly learning about real estate after discovering REIN. Through his involvement with REIN, he received silver and bronze awards for purchasing eight properties in four years. Colin also enjoys yoga with his wife (who happens to be his personal instructor) and travels extensively with his family. As his flying career winds down, Colin has discovered he no longer sees himself just relaxing on a beach (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Instead, he feels compelled to help, guide and mentor individuals to reach their full potential.

My Legacy Book

Learn the 6 steps to design your financial future. This is literally the playbook, the map, the step-by-step guide for you to design your financial future.Wherever you stand today and whatever aspirations you have and want to leave, YOUR LEGACY can be designed and perpetuated by you reading MY LEGACY, the book.Love life today by receiving My Legacy FREE!
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What Could Go Wrong

It’s important to be ready for any hardships life may throw your way. Learn the events that can go wrong for real estate investors and what you can do to prepare for, mitigate or eliminate them. Get equipped with the understanding you need to embrace and await adversity so you are prepared to equip others.
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4 Key Steps to Flight Success


Finally! We arrive in our flight deck, armed with confidence that we have thoroughly reviewed our flight plan, the weather, the condition of our aircraft and so on.  It’s time to ‘get this baby off the ground!’ But first, let’s backtrack for a brief moment and take a look at how we got here in the first place.  Whether a novice or a professional aviator, each of us must first: (1) properly educate, (2) properly train, (3) take flight, and (4) gain experience in order to be able to handle whatever gets thrown at us.




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