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Colin Forrest

Upon retiring from a successful 32 year career as an airline captain in 2018, Colin decided it was time to focus on his other passion, real estate. Beginning is investment journey almost 25 years ago while living in Hong Kong, Colin would buy his first property in Surfer's Paradise, Australia, adding properties in Hong Kong and Thailand to his portfolio. Shortly after moving back to Canada in 2009, Colin discovered the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN Canada) where he would earn 'Top Player' Awards in 2013 and 2017, purchasing a number of different properties in Barrie, Ontario, Fort St. John, BC and multifamily investments in the USA. Beginning his new vocation as a Financial Life Professional (FLP) with LEGACY Council of Canada in 2018, he felt that to better serve his clients appetite for real estate investing, he would add eXp Realtor, and Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional (SCMP) to his core strengths. Whether you need advise in real estate investing, buying or selling a property you own, or in need of coaching around your financial goals, Colin is uniquely positioned to help you live a Great Financial Life™

My Legacy Book

Learn the 6 steps to design your financial future. This is literally the playbook, the map, the step-by-step guide for you to design your financial future.Wherever you stand today and whatever aspirations you have and want to leave, YOUR LEGACY can be designed and perpetuated by you reading MY LEGACY, the book.Love life today by receiving My Legacy FREE!
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What Could Go Wrong

It’s important to be ready for any hardships life may throw your way. Learn the events that can go wrong for real estate investors and what you can do to prepare for, mitigate or eliminate them. Get equipped with the understanding you need to embrace and await adversity so you are prepared to equip others.
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